March 01, 2006

NICK TURNER FIGHT! - the painter

The next NICK TURNER FIGHT! is a work in progress. I have a feeling this Nick Turner is going to write me back an unprecedented SECOND time. Be sure to check out Nick Turner's gallery and enjoy (hopefully) the beginning of this fight.

Hey, Nick, My name is Nick Turner and I am also an artist. I don't draw, however. I deal with the people directly as a stand up comedian. Anyway, I came across your artwork and wondered what the prices might be, because I am interested in purchasing some. So email me back and let me know. peacenick


Hi Nick,

Sorry for the lateness of my reply. The work ranges in price from £150 to £300 ($261 to $522 approx).

Nice to hear from another Nick Turner anyway, I wonder how rare we are in the World!? A comedian over here called Dave Gorman did a whole TV series on tracking down all the other Dave Gormans in the World. Maybe a series about the various Nick Turners?



Thanks for the quick reply. Hello, other Nick Turner! I too, am an
artist. And one of my arts is collecting works of art from other Nick
Turners and displaying them together as part of a larger Nick Turner
collection of sorts. I'm not an artist in the traditional sense
(meaning that I do not actually produce art.) My stand up comedy is
an art I guess, but not one that people respect!

If all of this seems confusing, it is because you are not paying
enough attention! That is a joke. What I am not joking about is my
desire to purchase your art. Not only is your name Nick Turner, but
you are also a very very very very talented artist. Money is not an
object for me so I think this partnership will be a lucrative one for
the both of us.

I am interested mostly in the painting titled "Big Brother's
Watching." It reminds me of that book, "1984." You know the one that
looks into the future but was actually written in 1948?

I also love the painting with the witches. (reminds me of my mother!
I'm just kidding again)

Also, I take offense at your implication that my art has somehow been
"done" by Dave Gorman. I am a true artist and my originality has
never been questioned before. I ask you please, do not question my
originality, and I will not tell anyone that you are ripping off that

With that messiness out of the way, I would like to purchase the two paintings
I mentioned. Please write me back with the total price. You are a
great painter!
-Nick Turner (the original)

Please stay tuned to the exciting conclusion of...NICK TURNER FIGHTS! - the painter


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