February 13, 2006


This blog is about to get a whole lot spicier, people. Due to the enormous number of bloggers in this community, there is an increasing need to focus the direction of one's blog. While this has, up until now, been just a bunch of random musings from yours truly, it is time to get down to business.

Therefore, from here on out, this blog will become increasingly dedicated to NICK TURNER FIGHTS! What are NICK TURNER FIGHTS, you ask? Well why don't I answer that question right now.

The name really says it all. I, Nick Turner will be getting into email fights with other people named Nick Turner. When you google the name Nick Turner, more than 12 million websites come up. That means that there are way more Nick Turners out there than I will probably ever get to fight with.

I have already started a fight with Nick Turner who owns www.nickturner.com. I clearly am much more deservilng of this URL as I am a famous comedian. I will not rest until it is mine. I also started a fight with the Nick Turner at Nick Turner Photography explaining to him why he needs to take my headshots for free. This is going to be a slower fight.

Look forward to more fights with:

Nick Turner the Running Back
Nick Turner the Equestrian
Nick Turner the Fractal Designer
Nick Turner the Knife Maker
Nick Turner the Chemistry Professor
Nick Turner the Aging Singer/Songwriter
and so much more!

So I'll see you soon with my first of many NICK TURNER FIGHTS!


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