February 23, 2006

NICK TURNER FIGHT! - the tech geek

So, this next Nick Turner is a Tech Geek. Seeing as though being nice backfired, I decdided to go in a different direction. I thought for this Nick Turner Fight, I would go a little meaner, to elicit some actual anger from him. Turns out it was to no avail. I was ignored. Although, according to my stat counter I am very popular in his neighborhood in Canada.

The Email:

Hey Nick Turner, I'm you. Well, ok, i'm not actually you. But i do
have the same name as you. i guess what I'm trying to say is, "Hi."
As you can tell, I am a comedian and I live in New York City, New
York. That's in America, I'm not sure if you knew that because I read
that you're from Canada and I have no idea of your school curriculum.
But I bet you do know where New York is, because this city is where
the magic happens.
Anyway, like I said I am a comedian so, obviously as a performer, I
have a website. Unfortunately I had to choose www.gonickturner.com as
my url because nickturner.com was already taken. Guess who has that
url...that's right, you do. Since i am also a Nick Turner, I know how
compassionate we can be.
Listen, let me just break it down for you, I have done shows with such
famous comedians as Lewis Black , Todd Barry, and Jim Gaffigan. I
know what you are thinking, you are thinking, "Wow, these are some
heavy hitters in the world of stand-up comedy. You must really be
making your deams come true."
Well, that's right, my dreams are coming true. All of my dreams but
one. I want that url. I am in a position that requires complete
professionalism, and I belive a part of that is owning
Let's be honest. You are a self proclaimed "Canadian
computer-marketing-training guy, techno-hobbiest and jock with way too
many distractions." If one of those distractions is feeling guilty
about taking the url that should probably go to someone with an
interesting life, well, let me please alleviate this distraction. I
can't wait to hear from you. Nick Turner(the one with a career that
people find interesting)

Can you believe he didn't want to write me back? What a jackass. Well that just proves what you already thought about Canadians. Or something.


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