January 19, 2006

Nick Turner answers Ryan Sturt

On January 3rd, Ryan Sturt wrote:

Dear Mr. T,

I have two questions.

1. Why does gasoline have that iridescent sheen when it spills over water?

2. Why does my hair stick up in the back?


On January 18th, Ryan Sturt wrote:

working out. blah blah blah. poker night blah blah.

answer my fucking questions. Ryan

Well, If you know anything about me, you know that I respond quickly to threats. Let me first say that, yes, an oil spill does produce a beauty that is simply unparalleled. How it happens?
well, the oil spills, then everything it spills on becomes instantly more beautiful.

Why it happens? God likes his greatest creation to keep up with modern standards of beauty. Oil is like makeup for oceans. It would take Proctor and Gamble years to put as much makeup on animals as an oil spill can do in just one day. Way to go God!

As for your second question, your hair sticks up in the back because it is trying to run away from your beard.

Just leave your questions in the comment box and I'll answer them when I feel like it. peacenick


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