January 18, 2006

Aren't you done working out yet?

I see all these people going to the gym that are clearly already in shape. Aren't they done yet? Look, your abs are rip-riffic. You did it...now it's just getting ridiculous.
I tell you what, as soon as I'm in shape I'm going to wipe my hands clean and in the nerdiest voice I can muster announce, "Mission Health: Accomplished." Then I'm gonna walk off into the sunset with my head held high.(but really I'm gonna go around the corner and stop walking so pompously because you can only walk like a prick for so long)

I mean, how old does this guy have to get before he figures out that he's muscular. HEY DUDE! You might want to take that vacation now cause you're gonna die soon on account that you're so old and everything. Put the weights down and pick up your grandson. His name's Tyrone and he's 38. You've missed his entire life. Stop working out already!

Also, I'll have a recap of Poker Night last night as soon as I can cop some pictures from Topping. peacenick


At 12:00 AM, Anonymous ryan said...

working out. blah blah blah. poker night blah blah.

answer my fucking questions


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