December 09, 2005

Poker Night Came (but not in that way)

So our first hand of Poker Night happened on Tuesday and it was, as far as I could tell, a success. My account may be a bit blurred, however, as I was knockin' on death's door with a hell of a flu virus that came that morning. Perfect timing, God! Don't worry, God doesn't mind. He gets blamed for everything.

Thank you everyone that came out and of course to the three fabulous performers. Christian, John and Jack Kukoda(not Kristen Schaal, for she was out filming a movie. Well, woo-tee-too-tee-doo. Look who's filming a big movie. Too good to perform at our humble little show. I should say though that I would have ditched the show for a gift certificate to Applebee's. I have no loyalty.) But for reals, Jack's a fuckin' superstar and we were very grateful he could fill in.

I wish I had pictures but I was just lucky to be able to keep my composure during the show. But the show must go on, right? Wrong. The show didn't need to go on. It's just a show. I mean what the fuck kinda logic is that. The world won't end if someone doesn't show up to a show. Especially one with two other hosts. No one would have missed me for a second. I should have stayed in bed, but I'm a spotlight craving whore and I would never miss this opportunity. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm horrible at recapping a show.

Since I don't have any pictures of the show here's this:


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