December 05, 2005

Google Ranking Update: 29!

Hey, literally everyone in the world. I apologize for being just another statistic in this whole googling phenomenon, but it really is consuming my whole life. I am awful. Before I started this blog, well, I didn't even have a computer. Coupled with the fact that I have one of the top ten most generic names in history, googling Nick Turner was nothing more than a pipe dream. Out of the six million websites that come up, the highest I had ever seen myself was at number 86 (this means that the first 85 websites to come up were about other Nick Turners) for a review of a childen's play I did in a garden on the upper west side. Then two weeks ago I discovered this blog was 67. Last week; 52. Now; 29. Why do I care. BECAUSE I'M VAIN! I'm a selfish, applause craving whore of a comedian. This is the life I chose and now I'm living it to it's fullest charged with low self-esteem and chart busting arrogance. 29!


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