December 14, 2005

Ask Nick Turner: Fashion

Alot of people look to me to answer their fashion questions. Being someone that people look up to fashion-sense wise has always been very inportant to me. When it comes to fashion, I am somewhat of a trendsetter. But I also follow fashion trends closely so I can follow the good ones. "Which trends are follow worthy?" is a question people sometimes ask me, due to my high fashion sensibilities. I answer those people's questions with responses that are to their liking.

Questions I have been hearing lately have had a lot to do with winter clothing and, more importantly, whether or not the knit cap is worth it. My response to this query is simple. No matter how cold it is outside it is never cold enough to justify messing up your do. Thanks everyone!

To those of you who say that this has been the most rediculous post ever, I say to you this:

"You may be correct!" -GOD

Wow, I am a wierdo. Please don't let this post deter you from visiting this site in the future. As you can tell by my constant google updates, I am desperate for friends. SO DESPERATE!


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