November 20, 2005

Nick Turner goes to Brooklyn twice in one day!

He did it everybody! He did it! He broke the record for number of times any Queens resident has successfully made the most treacherous round-trip this side of the Hudson River.
"Even I never thought it could be done. But I done it," said Nick, a resident of Astoria, Queens, upon returning home early Sunday morning, back from his second trip into the Heart of Darkness - a party in Brooklyn's Boerum Hill.
Nick had visited the borough earlier in the day to shoot a tiny part in a Channel 102 hopeful. "When I say tiny, I mean that I get sugar thrown in my face and I fall down. That is literally my entire part. I came to Brooklyn for this? Actually, I am glad to have any part, however small. Boy, I sure am ungrateful," Nick was said to have muttered under his breath.
Nick would have stayed longer at the party Saturday night but had to leave early, due to the fact that he had to be at work early on Monday morning and wanted to give himself at least 30 hours to make the full trip.
Nick concluded the press conference by stating, "I'm not saying it wasn't worth it, but you know how sometines you have drink tomato juice every once in a while just to remind yourself that it tastes horrible? Well, that's why I go to Brooklyn. Because of it's horrible taste."


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