October 14, 2005

Nick Turner (kind of) gets a job!

Hello World, It's Nick Turner. I got me a job, yo! Apparently, The Government caught word of my ninja-like, ass kicking abilities, and now I'm doing it professionally. They came in the middle of the night - in the form of my friend Katherine - and asked me to come work for them. Although, instead of killing foreign dignitaries right away, they asked me to start by stuffing envelopes in preparation for a mailing about a new restaurant opening up. I also got to put on stamps! From there though, the job really got crazy. When there were no more mailings for fancy restaurant openings, I got to do some data entry. I also got to make folders! And file them! I hope other, eviler countries are reading this because then they know to watch out for America. With me on the job things are gonna start rolling in the ass-kicking department. Watch out, Africa! But the best part about my new job is that it's only part time. So now I have plenty of time to pursue my other interests. Like kicking ass right here in the good ole US of A. I'm sure there are a few of you reading this entry that could use a good ass kicking. I'm talking to you Dustin D'Addatto. You know what else a part time job means...I can't pay my rent! Needless to say, things are going pretty well in the Nick Camp. So shoot me a response and let me know about any exciting opportunities in the world of vacation rentals.
My name is Nick Turner and I wrote these jokes.


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